PE Live: Is Covid-19 accelerating the digital business transformation of oil & gas?
2 October 2020

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming every aspect of oil and gas value chains. New tools are being leveraged to help drive down costs, improve efficiencies and disrupt legacy business models and strategies. Covid-19 and volatile market conditions have only accelerated the importance of laying down the digital groundwork for future value creation.

Petroleum Economist, in association with Publicis Sapient, will host a PE Live webcast to explore the outcomes of our extensive survey of industry leaders. You can download a summary of the results HERE. ​​Respondents identified the technologies that they believe have the greatest impact and the main barriers to further adoption, among many other themes.

This webinar will unpick the central findings of the survey and use them as a springboard to a wider conversation surrounding digitalisation in oil and gas. The expert panel will discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the appetite for digitalisation, the importance of digital investment amid volatile oil and gas market, greatest ROI opportunities in midstream and downstream sectors, barriers and risks to digital transformation project, case studies of successful implementation

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A Day in the Life of a Digital Twin connected worker
20 August 2020

Digital Twin is no longer a buzzword in the industrial world, but something every modern player is implementing to modernize both their capital project and operational asset strategies. But what the industry hasn’t aligned on is this: What is a true digital twin, and how can it be utilized to extract value across the asset lifecycle?
Steve Parvin, Information Management Segment Lead at AVEVA, walks through the day in the life of different workers. 

The webcast was recorded on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Part 2: Creating a Sustainable Hydrogen Supply Chain
13 July 2020

Production of low or zero-carbon hydrogen on an industrial scale needs to be built in tandem with the emerging sources of demand across the economy. The ultimate goal is to be able to create hydrogen on a cost-competitive basis with grey hydrogen, which uses a carbon-intensive methane steam reforming process and currently dominates industrial supply, as well as conventional fuels/sources for power generation. 

The panel will discuss the viability of different sources of hydrogen supply, energy storage solutions and renewable power generation, including from wind farms. It will consider recent technological developments and remaining challenges, as well as the economic and legal foundations necessary to facilitate its widespread adoption.

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Part 1: Decarbonising the Economy with Hydrogen
6 July 2020

The widespread application of hydrogen solutions will be an essential contributor to countries being able to achieve their carbon-emission reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement. Hydrogen has vast potential as a versatile fuel that can be applied to a wide variety of sectors, from heavy industry to urban settings, and is particularly useful in sectors unsuitable for electrification.

The panel will discuss cutting-edge developments in creating profitable uses for hydrogen, moving towards commercial applications that decarbonise a range of specific sectors without the need for government support.

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Value creation in the new era through robust screening of oil & gas investments
25 June 2020

In today's environment where expending precious capital on the right assets and identifying the assets in a portfolio that are key and which are non-core is more valuable than ever, Petroleum Economist and Previsions are delighted to bring you a webcast focused on value creation through robust screening of investment opportunities.

The webcast will showcase Previsions’ economics screening tool for evaluation of the investment case for global oil and gas opportunities based on country-specific fiscal and terms and project parameters.

Real-world examples will be used to demonstrate the economic screening analysis potential of the tool. Please join us to learn more about which projects and jurisdictions will emerge as winners, and how Previsions can help your business to answer those questions and more.

This webcast took place on Thursday 2 July 2020.  

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PE Live: Is the world now ready for hydrogen?
12 June 2020

The science behind the hydrogen economy has been around for many years, but only now are the necessary real-world factors coming together to support its implementation. Is this the right time to start building a hydrogen economy?

Governments, companies and electorates are increasingly viewing hydrogen as the most workable solution to the challenge set by the Paris Agreement. It offers huge potential gains over fossil fuels for power and transport and in terms of supporting renewables in power grids and storing energy. The challenge is how to make it all economically viable. 

The expert panel will discuss the progress made in developing a hydrogen economy and the challenges that remain. It will cover:

  • The potential pathways to a hydrogen economy
  • Legal and regulatory issues for developing a new market
  • Capital market funding and investor perspectives
  • Technological developments and cost reduction

This PE Live webcast took place on Thursday 18 June 2020

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Digitalization to Cognition Effective digital strategies to prepare for a smarter, more resilient future
4 June 2020

The Petroleum Industry remains the most important foundation of the global economy. But the oil price crash, coupled with the C19 pandemic, has brought startling clarity to one vital learning: business as usual cannot continue. The players who survive today to thrive tomorrow will be those who make the necessary changes: and foremost amongst these is committing to unleashing the full power of Digitalization.

In this webinar, Amit Kar will talk about how doing so will take companies to the next level of safety, sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness – Cognition. He will discuss building blocks of a digitalization approach that can be applied in greenfield and brownfield projects, and extended into operations and maintenance. This webinar will help clarify possibilities for industry leaders currently considering an overwhelming array of challenges and digital solutions.

This webcast took place on Wednesday 24 June. 

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Prevent Unplanned Downtime with Prescriptive Maintenance
28 May 2020

With current shortages in on-site staffing, many companies struggle to prevent unexpected breakdowns. AI and machine learning technology leverage precise pattern recognition from manufacturing assets to provide weeks even months of advanced warning on imminent degradation and failures.

Join AspenTech’s Global Director of APM Solutions Mike Brooks as he provides insights into how you can:

  • Prevent equipment breakdowns by adjusting the process, eliminating damage-causing behavior
  • Plan safe and environmentally incident-free service and repair
  • Improve asset availability with contemporary maintenance practices

Learn how leading companies are using digital technology to increase asset availability and prevent unplanned downtime across the production system.

This webinar took place on June 16, 2020


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PE Live: Is the energy transition accelerating?
28 May 2020

It has certainly been an eventful year for the global economy and energy markets. Many oil and gas producers had set out plans to transition to lower carbon fuels—but will this trend accelerate or lose momentum?

  • Would cheap oil for the foreseeable future help or hinder the energy transition?
  • The contrast between European Green Deal and US state-level approaches
  • How could the transition can be funded amid low oil revenues?
  • Would investors and the public accept a slowing of the transition?
  • Geopolitical considerations of a shift to China-based renewables supply chains

This webcast took place on Thursday 4 June 2020 

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Achieve Production Agility in Your Refinery in a VUCA Environment
13 May 2020

How are you using technology to be more agile and responsive in the current VUCA environment? Today’s refineries are challenged with lower demand and a remote staff. Join AspenTech experts as they share insights on three high-impact technology areas that refiners can use now to better manage uncertainty. See how you can:

  • Rapidly analyze business scenarios to determine optimal and lowest risk operating choices 
  • Adapt to changing operating conditions such as throughput rate and product mix
  • Reduce operating cost and risks, understanding safe operating envelopes

Learn how leading companies are using digital technology to make informed decisions and navigate the current economic and operational challenges.

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