Financial results
Aramco reassesses priorities
1 September 2020
An income squeeze is forcing upstream delays and a reappraisal of the company’s downstream portfolio
Canadian oil firms fight back
13 August 2020
The sector’s biggest companies staunched some of their losses across the second quarter, but the results still made for depressing reading
Ecopetrol positions for the rebound
15 May 2020
The twin shocks of Covid-19 and the oil price collapse have severely impacted the company’s bottom line, but it is well-placed to bounce back
Canadian oil firms battle for survival
14 May 2020
Profits plunged during the first quarter for a sector already struggling to contend with growing debt and a shortage of midstream takeaway
Threat of Tullow collapse looms
12 March 2020
The failure of multiple projects in Africa and depressed oil prices puts the company in ‘significant doubt’
Total defies the odds
14 February 2020
Succession of acquisitions and project ramp-ups help strengthen the company’s portfolio in a tough environment for the sector
US heavyweights feel the squeeze
11 February 2020
Financial results suffer as erratic global politics and abundant supply sends energy prices tumbling
Mixed fortunes in oil majors' results round
3 May 2018
Upstream results from some leading oil firms were the best seen for years, but others fell flat
16 May 2016
Financial results for Petronas
16 May 2016
Financial results for Petrobras
16 May 2016
Financial results for Gazprom
16 May 2016
Financial results for CNPC
Saudi Aramco
16 May 2016
Financial results for Saudi Aramco
16 May 2016
Financial results for ExxonMobil
16 May 2016
Financial results for Shell
16 May 2016
Chevron - financial results
29 April 2016
Financial results for BP
Repsol YPF: turning the corner
1 June 2008
Its first-quarter financial results suggest Spain's Repsol YPF might have finally turned the corner, writes NJ Watson
Oil firms awash with cash
1 March 2005
High prices and margins gifted oil and gas companies a spectacular 2004, earning more than they could comfortably spend. But not everyone was applauding, reports Cris Heaton